Top 10 Nutritional & low carb Foods.

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Eating low carbs have many impressive health benefits. Studies show eating low carb foods can cause 2 times more weight loss in comparison to low-fat diets.

Eating low carbs foods reduces hunger level.

Decreasing your calories intake by eating low carb foods have many health benefits.

  • Maintains blood pressure.
  • Low carb food improves your good cholesterol.
  • May Reduce Appetite.
  • May reduce your blood sugar level.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • Eating low carb foods drops Triglycerides.
  • Reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Top Low Carb Foods

Here are some of the best low carb foods; most of the foods are very nutritional & healthy.    


Eggs are the best & the healthiest low carb foods & contains multiple good nutrients. Eggs are the best option for overall health.

Calories- 72 Cal.Fat- 4.9gSodium- 70mg
Fibre- 1gProtein- 6.4gPotassium- 69mg
Carbohydrates-  0.55gVitamin ACalcium

Beef (100g):

Beef contains zero calories & the good low carb foods option for every non- vegetarian. Beef is loaded with lots of nutrients mentioned below.

Calories- 283 Cal.Fat- 19.1gSodium- 380mg
Fibre- 0gProtein- 26.2gPotassium- 315mg
Carbohydrates-  0gIron-2.54gCalcium- 10mg


Chicken is the most popular non-vegetarian low carb foods which is eaten everywhere. Chicken is rich in multiple nutrients & the amazing source of protein.

Calories- 189 Cal.Fat- 7.67gSodium- 395mg
Fibre- 0gProtein- 30gPotassium-240mg
Carbohydrates- 0gVitamin A- 39mgCalcium- 14g
Iron- 1mg 


Salmon is the popular type of fish among the fishes. Salmon is loaded with good fats like omega-3 which is good for heart. Salmon comes in the list of low carb foods because of its nutrients content & zero carbs.

Calories- 150 Cal.Fat- 6gSodium- 45mg
Fibre- 0gProtein- 21gPotassium-425mg
Carbohydrates- 0gVitamin A- 31mgVitamin C- 1mg
Iron- 0.4mgCalcium- 34mg 


Broccoli is the tasty vegetarian food which can be eaten both cooked and raw. Broccoli is loaded with many good nutrients & the best low carb foods for vegetarians & also for non-vegetarians.

Calories- 35 Cal.Fat- 0.3gProtein- 2.77g
Carbohydrates- 6.3gFibre- 2.5gPotassium-310mg
Sodium- 35mgVitamin A- 31mgVitamin C- 86mg
Iron- 0.4mgCalcium- 44mg 


Everyone knows that tomatoes are a vegetable but tomatoes are technically fruits. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients & the best & tasty option for those who are looking for low carb foods

Calories- 15 Cal.Fat- 0.3gProtein- 0.77g
Carbohydrates- 4gFibre- 1.5gPotassium-233mg
Sodium- 5.3mgVitamin A- 42mgVitamin C- 12mg
Iron- 0.4mgCalcium- 10mg 


Onions are the yummiest plant which adds a powerful taste in the dishes. You can eat onions both in salad & dishes also. Onions are not only tasty but the best options for low carb foods seeker & loaded with various antioxidant compounds.

Calories- 40 Cal.Fat- 0.9gProtein- 0.9g
Carbohydrates- 10gFibre- 1.23gPotassium-143mg
Sodium- 3.3mgCalcium- 21mgVitamin C- 6.2mg
Iron- 0.2mg 


Cauliflower is a tasty & most common vegetable which is used in multiple dishes. Cauliflowers are rich in vitamin-K, C & the best vegetable option to stay fit.

Calories- 25 Cal.Fat- 0.2gProtein- 1.87g
Carbohydrates- 4.9gFibre- 2.5gPotassium-309mg
Sodium- 30.3mgVitamin A- 1.2mgVitamin C- 46mg
Iron- 0.4mgCalcium- 20mg 


Cucumber is neutral in taste but the best low carb foods option it is mainly eaten as salad. Eating cucumber helps you to stay hydrated in summers.

Calories- 17 Cal.Fat- 0.2gProtein- 0.67g
Carbohydrates- 3.7gFibre- 0.5gPotassium-151mg
Sodium- 2.3mgVitamin A- 4.8mgVitamin C- 2.6mg
Iron- 0.4mgCalcium- 16.7mg 


Mushroom is an umbrella-shaped vegetable extensively used for cooking a variety of dishes. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin-B an amazing option to stay healthy.

Calories- 20 Cal.Fat- 0.3gProtein- 3.07g
Carbohydrates- 3.7gFibre- 0.5gPotassium-151mg
Sodium- 2.3mgVitamin A- 4.8mgVitamin C- 2.6mg
Iron- 0.4mgCalcium- 16.7mg 

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Eating less carbs have many health benefits as it may reduce your appetite & helps you to lose weight easily.

Eating low carb foods are not only low in carbs but very nutritional, healthy & very delicious.

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